Salvage Wulf

Peoples Holdings

'This is where we live, this is where we work. I want to bring out the best in our people, we're a family.' Joseph Battle, founder of Peoples Holdings. A methodical and disciplined thinker he is especially good at thinking through complex issues and then simplifying the ideas.


Never truer than the new Peoples Holding Headquarters. 


We would describe this project as work in progress, with two floors and basement bar still to complete. The top floor is designed for total flexibility, with bespoke fold away workstations, the space can be cleared within minutes to accommodate social events or TED talks for up to 200 people. This is Salvage Wulf and our partners at our very best, a bit of everything industrial, mid-century, retro, Danish, fun, crazy, where does it end.


We've sourced, designed, built and worked flat out. The result ... speaks for itself. Coming soon; beach and prohibition style 'gravel pit' basement bar ... don't ask we'll keep you posted.